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General Donation Policies

As the volume of books that we donate increases we have instituted policies that will help us respond to the needs and requests of the organizations we serve. In the last 3 years or so we have experienced a ten increase in the number of organizations served. We have also experienced an increase of the number of organizations that have not followed through on the acceptance of shipments of books they have requested. This has prompted us to put forth in writing policies pertaining to this and other matters. We have also experienced an increase of organizations requesting donations for which their organizations are not eligible according to the stated guidelines of the program. We believe that it is the organization’s responsibility to review the guidelines and instructions for each program and to submit the proper paperwork pertaining to the request. We have placed the guidelines and applications for each program on the web site where they are accessible for everyone to review. If you have questions about your eligibility, we will gladly respond to your questions via e-mail.

All requests for book donations must be made in the context of one of the following programs:

  • Annual Book Donations
  • Directors Discretionary Book Donation Program
  • All Children Need Books
  • Books For All Kids
  • Event Sponsorship
  • We do not make book donations to groups that do not have non-profit status. All requests must be made on the organization’s letterhead and mailed to: Pathways Within, PO Box 960154, Boston, MA 02196. Requests made by e-mail will not be acknowledged unless the application or book offer specifies that you do so.

We will be more than happy to e-mail the applications or guidelines to you.

Please include your name, your organization's name, a brief description of your organization, and a telephone number where you can be reached with all email correspondence. We may contact you by telephone in case we don’t have a short answer to your questions and/or we need clarification regarding your question(s).

Organizations may not apply for the Annual Book Donation Program and the Director’s Discretionary Book Donation program in the same year.

If your organization has been granted an award of books in either the Annual Book Donation Program or the Director’s Discretionary Book Donation Program, your organization will be required to wait two calendar years before applying for books in either program again. Book donations made through either of the above mentioned programs will not preclude you from applying and receiving books through other programming in the Roads to Reading Initiative.

Please do not request specific titles of books, specific theme books or literacy kits. Making such request will automatically disqualify your organization from the program.

Books For All Kids

Are non-profits that administer programs on Public or Charter School property allowed to participate in the Books for All Kids Program?

  • No, not always, some donors of books in this program have stipulated that the books cannot be donated to Public or Charter Schools. Once the books leave our shipping facility, we have no way of assuring that the books will not be placed in classrooms. Books from certain donors have a grantee identifier on it and we do not what to jeopardize any future donations from these publishers.

Do you make donations to foreign organizations?

  • No, the cost of shipping books overseas is cost prohibitive and our publishing partners have requested that the books be used for the benefit of children in the United States. We also will not make donations to domestic organizations, that will make use of the books donated by our organization overseas.

Can we pay for the shipping and handling charges with a Credit Card?

  • Most of our payment transactions are processed through PayPal. PayPal accepts most major credit cards and checks. We do not accept credit cards in our office or over the phone.

If our organization has received books from other programs within the Roads to Reading Initiative in the past, are we still eligible to participate in this offer?

  • Yes, as long as you are eligible within the set guidelines and your organization is in good standing with other Roads to Reading Initiative donation programs.

Why an Administrative Fee?

  • Pathways Within, Inc. charges administrative fees for the products we offer in an effort to partially subsidize our donation programs, and to defray the shipping and packing materials cost incurred in shipping the books to your organization. The fees typically represent a small percentage of the original retail price of the product.

    They vary by program and are based on a number of factors:

    • The amount of work involved in launching the program.
    • The amount of work involved in qualifying and processing organizations’ requests for products on an ongoing basis.
    • The expected volume of requests.

    By charging administrative fees, we are ensuring that Pathways Within, Inc. can continue to offer donated reading materials as efficiently as possible, at the lowest possible cost.

Annual Competitive Book Donation Program

To All Prospective Applicants of the Annual Competitive Book Donation Programs:

  • The Roads to Reading Initiative has suspended the Annual Competitive Book Donation Program for 2013. We are taking a year to revamp the program. If you would like to be notified when new guidelines are out, please e-mail at: info@pwirtr.org
  • The Director's Discretionary Book Donation Program

    Program Policies

    The program will donate between 30 and 50 books that are age appropriate to each approved applicant organization. Organizations will not have a choice in the selection of book titles or genre or the number of books they will receive. Making specific requests will automatically result in a denial of your request. Organizations will be restricted to one donation per calendar year. Submitting a request does not mean that a book grant will be given. All applications are awarded at the discretion of the Executive Director. The process is simple and there will be no fees of any kind. Requesting organizations must provide a copy of the 501(c)3 and a one-page typewritten description of how the books will be used by the requesting organization. It would also be helpful to include what age and reading level of books you are interested in acquiring. In this one-page description the requestor must clearly articulate why the donation will benefit the organization. It is our preference that the books be utilized to expand a reading center or a remedial reading programming. The books have to be for use in a program or schools located in the United States. Foreign organizations that have a United State’s Federal Tax Exemption are not eligible for donations. Our response to your request may take up to 60 days.

    If you have questions about the program, please direct them to Lauren Green, at 1green@pwirtr.org.
    Our mailing address is:

    • Pathways Within, Inc.(DDBDP)
    • PO Box 960154
    • Boston, MA 02196
    • Attention: Executive Director
    We will not accept letters via e-mail.

    Event Sponsorships

    Historically the Roads to Reading Initiative has not participated in event sponsorships. Starting in January 2009, we sponsor events related to Children’s Literacy and the distribution of books to such events. We will provide sponsorship to no more than seven events per fiscal year. Our fiscal year begins on October 1, of each year, and ends on September 31, of each year.

    Here is the procedure for applying for sponsorship:

    1. The nature of the event. (Who is the targeted audience, where the event is going to take place and when, how many adult/children do you think you will attract to the event, and who are your other sponsors or prospective sponsors.)
    2. Copy of the 501(c)3. (For-profit organizations or individuals, or schools, libraries will be considered for sponsorship)
    3. How many books you are requesting and the age group for which you are requesting the books.
    4. How you are planning to promote the sponsorship of the Roads to Reading’s donation to this event.
    5. Please send flyers or brochures for the event and your organization, if this information is available. This will help us determine if we are interested in participating in the event.
    6. We will send notification within thirty days of the request by mail if your request is granted or not. Please be aware that if sponsorship is granted, the requesting organization will have to assume all shipping cost for the delivery of the books. Most of our book shipments are shipped FedEx Ground.
    7. We will only consider request for event sponsorships that physically take place within the Continental United States. No exceptions will be considered.

    Please send your request to:

    • Roads to Reading Initiative
    • Lauren Green, Program Director
    • PO Box 960154
    • Boston, MA 02196
    • E-mail: LGreen@pwirtr.org