Event Sponsorships

Historically the Roads to Reading Initiative has not participated in event sponsorships. Starting in January 2009, we will sponsor events related to Children’s Literacy and the distribution of books to such events. We will provide sponsorship to no more than seven events per fiscal year.

Here is the procedure for applying for sponsorship:

  1. The nature of the event. (Who is the targeted audience, where the event is going to take place and when, how many adults/children do you think you will attract to the event, and who are your other sponsors or prospective sponsors.)
  2. Copy of the 501(c)3. (For-profit organizations or individuals, or schools, libraries will be considered for sponsorship)
  3. How many books you are requesting and the age group for which you are requesting the books.
  4. How you are planning to promote the sponsorship of the Roads to Reading’s donation to this event.
  5. Please send flyers or brochures for the event and your organization, if this information is available. This will help us determine if we are interested in participating in the event.
  6. We will send notification within thirty days of the request by mail if your request is granted or not. Please be aware that if sponsorship is granted, the requesting organization will have to assume all shipping cost for the delivery of the books. Most of our book shipments are shipped FedEx Ground.
  7. We will only consider request for event sponsorships that physically take place within the Continental United States. No exceptions will be considered.

Please send your request to:

  • Roads to Reading Initiative
  • Lauren Green, Program Director
  • PO Box 960154
  • Boston, MA 02196
  • E-mail: LGreen@pwirtr.org