About Us

The Roads to Reading Initiative was established in 2001 to assist literacy organizations and programs in rural and small communities that are under served. The Roads to Reading Initiatives serves organizations nationally that increase literacy among the nation’s poor by providing books to remedial Reading Programs. Among our several programs are the following: The Annual Competitive Book Donation Program, Books for All Kids, The Director’s Discretionary Book Donation Program, and All Children Need Books and Event Sponsorships. Each program has distinctive guidelines that serve different types of organizations, groups and populations. Please read the guidelines before applying for any of our book donation programs.

The Annual Competitive Book Donation Program

This program is designed to donate books to programs in small and rural communities only. The organizational budget limit for eligible organizations is currently set at $150,000 annually. The community where the organization is located must be an under served community. It is not enough to have a certain number of families within a community that are under served to qualify. The population where the organization is located must be under 50,000. All programs must have a strong focus on remedial reading or tutoring component as part of the program you are applying for. Book Bag programs, gifts and give-a-way, events or book clubs request will not be granted through this program. Also School Districts, Lead Agencies or umbrella agencies may not apply for donations. Each site within group agencies or districts must apply for donations separately. The books that are available through this program are appropriate for ages three to young adult. Books available for donation are hard and soft cover. All the books in this program are available in English only. Only organizations within the Continental United States are eligible for donations.

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The Director’s Discretionary Book Donation Program (DDBDP)

The 2011-2012 Director’s Discretionary Book Donations will support non-profit and childcare facilities in the United States. This grant is not a monetary grant; it is a small book donation grant of 30 to 50 books.

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All Children Need Books

All Children Need Books is a direct donation program to children. We will send a book directly to the home of the child who comes from a low-income household where there are no books in the home. The book will be personalized with the child’s name placed on the inside cover of the book. We have set aside 2,300 books each year to send to children that do not have books of their own at home.

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